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Life is Too Short for Live Demos

Life's Too Short for Live Demos: Using Intelligent Demo Automation Helps To Accelerate Sales

Is doing so many live product demos slowing down your ability to scale your sales? Do the quality and content of the demos done by your sales team vary from rep to rep? Is your sales cycle too long because everyone (and their dog) wants a product demo? Do you wish you could more effectively engage your prospects in a way that gives you visibility into who is involved in the purchase and what's important to them? Moreover, aren't you just plain tired of doing so many live demos that are so repetitive?

It doesn't have to be this way! Join this webinar and learn about a new type of software called "demo automation" that can help address each of these problems.

You will:
- learn how to identify whether your sales team has challenges with live demos that demo automation can help with
- learn how effective use of video-based demo automation increases the likelihood a prospect will purchase
- learn what demo automation is and how it differs from traditional methods for delivering product demos
- learn how demo automation can potentially increase your team's sales productivity by as much as 300%
- learn how demo automation helps your sales team transform more conversations into closing conversations
- learn how to use demo automation to discover and engage the buying panel earlier in the sales process
- see first hand how the ground breaking interactive technology intelligently personalizes each demo to each prospect's unique interests
- discover how Demolytics(TM), or demo analytics, can help you make important messaging decisions and more effectively close deals

About the Presenter: Garin Hess, founder and CEO of DemoChimp, is a serial startup entrepreneur and technologist who has been applying interactive technology to automate corporate processes including training and sales for more than 15 years. DemoChimp is software-as-a-service (SaaS) that intelligently automates product demos so that salespeople can demo less and close more.

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Richard Robbins

Richard Robbins is VP of Lead Gen at DemoChimp, a B2B SaaS company that creates intelligent product demo software that allows sales people to demo less and close more.
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