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Learn How To Increase Your Udemy Revenue

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Discussion with top Udemy.com experts Alun Hill, Grant Weherley, Matt Bernstein and Rob Cubbon on course creation tips and how to increase your course income on the popular online course website Udemy.com. Hosted by Dennis J. Smith of Influence Social Marketing.

Dennis J Smith Dennis Smith

I'm Dennis, a best selling web marketing author that has drive and passion to teach small business owners how to use social media marketing, WordPress, MailChimp and online marketing tools so they can grow their business both off and online.

I have been creating websites and browsing the web since the days of Netscape 1.0 (yes that long) while living in Seattle, Washington during the 90's. My technology background goes back to the days of the Commodore Vic 20 and 64, Pong and Pac-Man which probably makes me a techie and geek. I turned my passion for technology and web design into a love for Internet and Email Marketing, blogging with WordPress and Social Media. I own a website hosting business and I do consulting and coaching here in Boise, Idaho plus write the blog ILearnWP for WordPress newbies. During my free time I enjoy road trips back to Seattle, exploring Idaho, Thai food, craft beer, great (strong) coffee, sharing my knowledge with friends and Facebook acquaintances. Welcome to my Udemy courses I hope that I can help you learn something new! Join me on your favorite social media network and lets build a better world together.

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