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Innovation in Business funding

During the presentation the following topics will be discussed:

1. What are the numerous benefits for startup entrepreneurs, business owners and investors that Cadia Startup Exchange's business model offers.

2. You will get first hand information about how the platform is structured, how to easily set up an account and how to get started.

3. You will gain understanding of how the processes on the platform are organized (online & offline). A demo of the whole stock reselling process will be presented.

4. Legal framework, Corporate Governance, Accounting & Voting are going to be explained in details.

5. Unique chance to have a live Q&A session with the creator of the platfrom Jure Valant.

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Webinar´s time (GMT +3:00) Athens, Cairo, Kiev, Istanbul, Nairobi, Baghdad, Qatar, South Africa

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Boyan Donev

Cadia Startup Exchange is the world?s first equity crowdfunding platform with a secondary market which targets both startup companies and small & medium-sized enterprises. The unique nature of the opportunity Cadia Stock Exchange puts on the table brings innovation to small business financing on a global scale by expanding the crowdfunding business model and taking it to the next level.

Benefits for Startups:

? No fees for start
? Opportunity to reach investors worldwide
? Unique chance to sell shares of your company
? Getting financial injection directly to your business

Benefits for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises:

? Raising additional capital by selling shares of the company
? Realization future expansion plans
? Arranging relationships with investors from other crowdfunding platforms
? Global visibility for your business
? Opportunity to reach investors worldwide

Benefits for Investors:

? Secure investment supervised by Financial Conduct Authority
? Buying and selling shares anytime
? Monthly accounting & financial reports
? Dividend payouts
? Simple upload/withdraw from the platform
? Supervisory board for companies into which you invest to guarantee security
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