How the BEST Leaders Ignite Energy and Fuel High Performance

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How the BEST Leaders Ignite Energy and Fuel High Performance

Running a business, department or family in today?s high-pressure landscape gets more difficult every year. Technology is increasing at a rapid pace, stress levels are up, and research shows that on average, $26,041 per employee each year is lost in productivity due to communication barriers.

Based on the #1 National Bestselling book Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders ? which includes 40 years of research from peak performing companies ? in this Soundview Live webinar Steve Shallenberger will help you leverage the 12 principles that propel teams and organizations to the top! These tools and processes drive the kind of innovation that turns good teams and companies into industry leaders ? all while living a well-balanced personal life. Steve will provide advice, tools and examples for turning your thoughts into action and bringing out the best in your teams and employees!

Invest 1 hour of your time and join Steve Shallenberger for this life-changing webinar.

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Steve Shallenberger

An innovator in leadership and corporate training, Becoming Your Best takes leadership training and team development to a new level using our results-driven success formula. It?s been 40 years in the making and countless key executives, organizations, athletes, teachers, and individuals worldwide have come to rely on these principles and processes. It?s the award winning training and success formula that has been lauded by business leaders around the world because they?ve finally found a proven program to implement these critical success principles.

Whether in a keynote, seminar, or executive coaching, we give leaders and their teams the tools and know-how to break down performance barriers and be the disruptive company in their industry. When collectively applied, our signature 12 principles will have a profound impact on the revenue, culture, innovation and productivity of any organization in any industry.
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