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Free Linkedin Training For You

Best selling author, Greig Wells, will show you a NEW incredibly unique way to leverage the power of LinkedIn.

Here's what you're going to discover in this webinar?

* The major media like ABC and NBC are searching on LinkedIn for sources to quote in their articles and interviews, you'll learn the secret to being found by reporters on LinkedIn and getting MASSIVE EXPOSURE for you AND your clients.

* When people Google you, LinkedIn is one of the first sites they see so you need a profile that converts on LinkedIn as part of your reputation marketing strategy, even if you don't have time to 'do' LinkedIn.

*Case Studies on using Greig's famous "3 word sentence" that you must put on your LinkedIn profile that opens and closes deals for you automatically, done right clients will buy from your profile without you even needing to talk to them

*How to land clients by showing up at the top of the search results on LinkedIn - and the one big mistake you are making on LinkedIn that is killing deals for you now.

* How to get people willing to throw money at you ("PLEASE? just do that thing on my LinkedIn profile you did on yours!")

* Plus the secret SOFTWARE that AUTOMATES lead generation on LinkedIn

Webinar´s time (GMT -4:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Puerto Rico, La Paz

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