Enhancing App Security: Harness the Power of Embedded Hardware Security

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Enhancing App Security: Harness the Power of Embedded Hardware Security

The keyword in mobility today is ?Trust?. But lately, that trust has been shaken. The recent breaches at JP Morgan, Target, SnapChat, Home Depot and the US Postal Service highlight the need for heightened security. According to Symantec, the average cost of such a breach exceeds $5 million. But the impact of breaches far exceeds the hard cost incurred by enterprises. The loss of privacy, the danger posed by compromised identities is much greater than the dollar cost. The truth, however, is that most data breaches result from simple loss of devices or petty theft rather than coordinated malicious attacks. While the latter get greater visibility because of their scale, the former are no less worrying because of the impact on the individual and the enterprise.

As developers, you are at the forefront of creating apps. As consultants and service providers, you gain and maintain the trust of your customers. It makes sense then that the apps you build should inspire confidence and trust as well. That means that even if a phone gets lost, stolen or attacked, the data contained by your app should be protected.

The isolation and protected execution environment offered by embedded hardware security provides the best option and there are currently over 250 million Android devices with embedded hardware security that your applications can tap into.

Sequitur Labs' DeadBolt SDK is an innovative suite of libraries and APIs that allow you to tap into this available security resource without having to learn the intricacies of hardware security. You can use DeadBolt to access hardware security on Android devices and build apps that:

Safeguard user identities
Protect business documents on the device
Secure financial information on the device
Execute secure transactions

At this Webinar, you will learn:

The essentials of hardware security on Android devices
An overview of Sequitur's pioneering product, the DeadBolt SDK
How DeadBolt makes it easy to access this hardware security
DeadBolt use cases that walk through securing data at rest and in transit
How to work with Sequitur Labs in obtaining DeadBolt

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Sequitur Labs

Sequitur Labs develops seminal technologies for securing and managing connected devices. Sequitur makes it easy to develop and launch hardware secured mobile applications with DeadBolt?, thereby dramatically reducing the risk of data loss and liability.

In addition, Sequitur Labs is pioneering a new way to manage connected devices such as the Internet of Things. Sequitur?s Event Centric Authorization (ECA) framework for IoT provides a superior level of manageability, security and control, thereby increasing the degree of trustworthiness of these devices. ECA can be adapted to nearly any kind of connected device from consumer wearables to Industrial IoT devices.

To learn more about Sequitur?s products visit us at www.sequiturlabs.com.
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