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Meet Brainy!

Brainy Octopus is not a webinar software, but a friend who will help you to search and find those great webinars that experts and bloggers are running to spread their knowledge across the Internet.

Our mission

We aim to empower people with education and training that will improve their lives and business.

Thousand of webinars are being created daily; as many as there are getting lost because you cannot find them. We want to make the search process simple and easy to use. Help us to stop the lost of knowledge in the Internet!

How does it work?

  • Discover a webinar and sign up today. Choose from all the webinars there are already being created by the world’s top experts. Complete the registration within the email you’ll received after sign-up at Brainy.
  • Learn. Remember to be online at the specified date and time.
  • Achieve your goals. Continue exploring webinars so you can improve those missing skills that are slowing down your progress.

What Brainy can help you find?

  • Coaching & productivity: have the best knowledge won’t do much good if you procrastinate or don’t know how to delegate to your team.
  • Customer relationship: getting a new customer is one of the most expensive things ever, learn how to deal with them.
  • Design: your product not only has to work great, but be user-friendly and look awesome.
  • eLearning: category dedicated to Universities and other educational stuff.
  • eCommerce: sell your products to the whole world.
  • Entrepreneurship: stop being a Wantrepreneur, solve your doubts and move your ass.
  • Google tools: learn all the secrets of Analytics, Adwords, and all the other Google tools.
  • Marketing & SEO: if you want to hit the first position in Google, keep an eye out for this category!
  • Social media: learn the difference between wasting and investing time in social media.
  • Web & Mobile development: developers developers developers!
  • WordPress & other CMS: in CMS world, WordPress is the king, but there is room for Drupal and Joomla too.

Do you want to share your knowledge?

If instead of learning you’d love to be part of our community spreading your knowledge, you can do it:

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