Benefits for speakers

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Benefits for speakers

Main Benefits for speakers

Here are some things you can get with Brainy Octopus

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Once you have done any (or both!) of them, you will automatically begin to:

  • Generate leads: when you give away good quality content, you are showing yourself as a person who can help people get what they want and achieve their goals. 
  • Build loyalty: when you run a webinar, people meet the real person behind the product or service. That drastically increases the trust on you, and creates ties of unity. 
  • Drive website visits: as you will have your website connected to your Brainy Octopus profile, you will be able to generate traffic to your site, as people would like to know more about you. (This usually happens after you run the webinar, but it could happen even before!)
  • Drive offline business: same applies in this situation. A webinar entails a huge personal burden, so if you run an offline business, people will be curious about you and your place.
  • Increase brand awareness: in the overcrowded Internet, put your knowledge and your brand in front of people eager to learn, is the best way to show your competences and prove you are worthy to follow.
  • Build in-House database: people will be more willing to join your newsletter or sign-up within your website if you show them you really are an expert that can help them solve their problems.

You will help people out improve their skills and take control of their lives; spending zero of your time promoting your webinars.

Brainy is

  • Simple: add your webinar, publish it, enjoy the spare time you now have.
  • Made for you: all the content you share here will always be yours. Brainy is not your boss, but your friend.
  • Free: if you don’t earn money with a webinar, neither do we.

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